Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Sharpe Practice Austrians VI

I've made another small addition to my core Austrian force. This time in the shape of 2 extra officers, which I'll probably use as either level 1 or 2 to lead my infantry groups. Both figures are from Front rank and mix well with the Victrix plastics.

As I am being out gunned by my opponents  decided to add a 6lb artillery piece from Perry miniatures. Unfortunately you only get 4 crew so I added an extra from Front rank as well as an officer.

I feel that now this force is only lacking in some mounted troops. I have my eye on the Perry's Hussars in campaign uniforms. So here's a few photos of the force so far.

Not a bad little force. The figures from Victrix, Perry and Front rank have mixed well.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

GNW Russians X

This week I've concentrated on getting some more mounted troops to fill out my Russians. First up is 3 squadrons of the Ingermanlandski dragoon regiment. The figures for this unit are all from Dixon's. Still my favourite figures for this period.

Ingermanlandski Dragoons 
Ingermanlandski Dragoons 
I haven't as yet found a flag reference for this unit so plumbed for green as I like it.

The next unit is another single squadron unit. General Sheremetev's life guard. The only reference I had was for red coats, so I decided on green waistcoat and cuffs. I have since seen a reference showing white cuffs from 1711. Not sure if I will change them.

Sheremetev's life guard
Sheremetev's life guard
I've now got a couple of musketeer battalions prepped for painting as well as 6 squadrons of Horse Grenadiers.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

GNW Russians IX

With all the snow around over the last few days I took the opportunity to get some more paint on figures.  I decided to add a couple more cavalry units to my Russian force. First up is 3 squadrons of the Vologodski Dragoon regiment. They are a mix on Dixon, Essex and Minifigs. They were primarily put together from spare figures to test another shade of green; which I'm more than happy with.

Vologodski dragoons
Vologodski dragoons
The next unit is a single squadron of Horse. There were only 2 such squadrons in the Russian army. They were life guards for the generals. This squadron belong to Menshikov. Figures are all Dixon's.

Menshikovs life guard
I've also got Sheremetevs squadron awaiting basing before I start on another Dragoons regiment.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

GNW Russians VIII

A few more additions to my Russian army. I still haven't decided when I'll have enough, just see where the project takes me. Well here they are. First up is 3 squadrons of the Permski dragoon regiment. The figures are all from Warrior miniatures.

Permski dragoons
Permski dragoons
Next we have 2 battalions of Bush's Grenadiers. I tried a slightly lighter shade of green for the coats, but not totally happy. My search for a suitable green for the Russian coats continues. Think I have another 4 shades to try. The figures for these are Dixon's with one command base from Essex.

Busch Grenadiers
Busch Grenadiers
Next on the painting table is 2 more infantry battalions and 2 more Dragoon regiments.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Sharp Practice Austrians V

With the club enjoying these rules and a couple of players in the middle of an arms race. I decided it was time to add some extras to my core Austrian force. I've decided on an artillery piece and some Jaegers. While the artillery is in the process of being prepped I made a start on the Jaegers. First up is their officer Lt. Wilhelm Schnauser . I picked him up from Front rank. I plan on  him leading my Jaegers and the 2 units of 3rd rank skirmishes I have.

Next up is his group of Jaegers from Perry miniatures. Bases were picked up from Warbases. These guys have already seen their first action and promptly set fire to the building they were defending.

As well as the artillery I also have a couple of extra officers to help lead my units that need painting up. I just wish someone would produce some plastic Austrian cavalry as i would like to add a couple of groups of Dragoons to the force. Prices of metal 28mm cavalry out of my range at the moment with other projects on the go.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Great Northern War AAR

This was the first battle of a campaign against Mick using our Great Northern War collections. We have both built 3 armies, all of Mick's are Swedish while I have a mix of Danes, Saxons, Russians and Poles. To fight these games Mick has produced a whole bible full of hex maps based upon real battles from the WSS, SYW, GNW and later. I had first choice and chose Fontenoy. I would also be using my Danish army with a handful of Saxon allied horse.

I based my plan around capturing and defending the towns and villages between the River Scheldt and the Rossior stream.

The game began with a general advance. My Saxon Dragoons won the race to enter the town of Antoing before the Swedes. They were followed up by a Infantry brigade and my Saxon cuirassiers. On the right I advanced forward across the stream to take Cens de is Pree. Though my Guard infantry decided to take their time. This became a boon later in the day.

Danish troops sweep through Vezon
The Swedes made an advance between Fontenoy and Antoing. Using the slope to shield their movements.

Danish infantry
The Swedes advance
It was at the village of Vezon where the first clash occurred. A brigade of Swedish Dragoons, supported by Cossacks had emerged from the woods. My Danish cuirassiers waited no time before crashing into them. It took a few turns of heavy fighting before superior numbers of Danish horse drove the Swedes back.

The first cavalry clash
The Danish infantry eventually managed to struggle over the Rossoir stream and captured Bourgon before the Swedes. Now the Swedish advance was covered on three sides. One brigade of Swedish infantry tried to move East past Fontenoy but were driven back by the advancing Danish horse and Guard infantry who had decided to move.

Danes capture Bourgon
View of the field
Advancing Danish horse
In the Centre the Swedes made an attempt to breakthrough the encirclement. As they advanced with pikes lowered the Danish infantry stepped forward to give them a volley. This checked the initial assault but the Swedes came on again, slowly driving the Danish infantry back.

Battered Danish center
It was now the timely arrival of the Danish Guards pushing into Fontenoy which eased the pressure on the center. It forced the Swedes back to protect their flanks. Meanwhile the Danish horse crossed the Rossior stream to support the center. On the Danish left the Saxon horse also moved into position to threaten to the Swedish right flank.

The battered Danish center
Danish horse cross the Rossior stream
With the Swedish infantry being threatened on both flanks, they slowly began to fall back. It was at this point we called it a day. Mick was in the tricky position of wanting one more crack at the Danish centre, but worried about the fresh Danish troops on both flanks. He decided on discretion to keep his army intact. A very enjoyable game to start our campaign. Next game is on the field of Fraustadt.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

GNW Russians VII

Finally completed the first of 4 Grenadiers regiments for my Russian army. These are 2 battalions from the du Bois regiment. The figures are all from Dixon's, kindly donated by Mick.

As I was packing them away for the next campaign game I decided to take a quick photo of the army so far.

I've still got some way to go with this army, with 10 battalions and 9 squadrons. I already have enough figures for 10 more battalions and 9 squadrons of Dragoons and Horse Grenadiers.